With clockwork machinations near,
And voices filled with dread,
I sense my future will unfold,
Towards the Traction Edge.


As a former constable in the outlying reaches of Victorian England, you are recruited to a government organisation to help investigate some odd occurances in the regions. What you uncover is unlike anything you've seen before. As you become embroiled in conflict and mystery, it seems humanity itself is on the verge of something far far greater.

Traction Edge is a steampunk turn based strategy game with roguelike elements. It is similar in gameplay to UFO or Jagged Alliance where during a turn you move all your units by spending Action Points. All movements and actions, firing, inventory manipulation costs AP. Once your AP is all used up you end your turn. The AI then takes it's turn.


Traction Edge is currently under development. It is playable but limited. It requires SFML 1.6 (not 2.0) and cmake to build.

change Log

v0.3 March 2012 Next Milestone


Traction Edge v0.3.tar.gz

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